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To Download and Print a Lesson

  1. Open the Lesson you want to download or print.
  2. Click on the Print icon in the toolbar on the right.
  3. The print section will open with the following options:
    • Teacher Version - a PDF version of the lesson that includes student questions, teacher guidance, and answer keys where provided.
    • Student Version - a PDF version of the lesson that includes just the questions for student use.
    • Step Attachments- If we included additional attachment resources in the interactive version of this lesson, you can click on each of them to get a PDF version. 
  4.  The item selected will open in a new tab in your browser. You will need to go to the very top browser menu and select File --> Print. Here you can choose the destination to be your "printer" (for a hard copy printout) or to "save as PDF" (to save a copy to your computer.

Note: If the lesson includes an online resource like a YouTube video or web link, these resources will not download and must be accessed on a computer.


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