Assign a Performance Task

Many of our Performance Tasks are already on our interactive platform, which means they can be assigned and completed online. 

Assigning an Interactive Performance Task

  1. Go to My Lessons and click on the Performance Task you want to assign.
  2. Use the Editions dropdown to select the edition you want to share (editions must be shared separately).
  3. Click on the Assign icon on the right-side toolbar.
  4. Share with whole classes by selecting them from your class list,
    • OR expand each class to assign to students individually.
  5. Click Assign.
  6. ONLY for ELA Performance Tasks: Students are assigned the "at grade level" reading level by default. If you wish to Update the Reading Level, change it before the student starts the lesson or they may lose answers when the reading level is updated.

See also Join a Lesson and Assign Multiple Editions.



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