Create a Rank & Reason

To Create a Rank & Reason

  1. Go to My Lessons.
  2. Click Create a Lesson.
  3. Select Rank & Reason from the Lesson Classification drop-down menu.
  4. Name your Rank & Reason.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Check that the lesson is named on the upper left.
  7. Add a Discussion question.
  8. Optional: add background information or criteria for ranking.
  9. Click into the colored boxes to type items to rank.
  10. Click the arrows icon on the left to adjust the order of the items to rank.
  11. Click on the gear in the upper left to turn the student comparison feature on or off.
  12. Optional: Click +Add item to add additional items. 
  13. Optional: Click the paper clip icon to add images and information.
  14. Optional: Complete the Lesson Details page to help remember this lesson next time.

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