Create a Rank & Reason

To Create a Rank & Reason

  1. Go to My Lessons.
  2. Click Create a Lesson.
  3. Select Rank & Reason from the Lesson Classification drop down menu.
  4. Name your Rank & Reason.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Scroll below Step 1.
  7. Add a Discussion question.
  8. Optional: add Background information.
  9. Click into the colored boxes to type items to rank.
  10. Optional: Click +Add item to add additional items. 
  11. Optional: Click the cameron icon to add images from your computer, Google Drive, Gmail, or Search the Web. 
  12. Optional: Click on the +Advanced options toggle to:
    • Turn student comparison feature on or off.
    • Allow students to add a group name.
  13. Click Create Rank & Reason Task to save.


See Also: Rank & Reason tutorial videos


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