Compare Rank & Reason Responses

Once Rank & Reason participants have ranked and provided reasoning for items in the Rank & Reason, their responses can be viewed by using the compare feature. This feature allows participants to visually compare their responses with those of another participant. Colorful lines drawn between both participants’ ranked items help students visualize how their thinking may be similar with or disparate to that of another participant.

Students may also read participant justifications by clicking on the shaded comment bubble next to items in the compare with view. This provides an opportunity for students to consider other rationale, with the option to revise their ranking based on new information.

Submission averages may also be viewed using the compare feature. Select All Average to view the average ranking of all participants in a Rank & Reason. Select Student Average to view the average ranking of only student participants in a Rank & Reason. Select Teacher Average to view the average ranking of only teacher participants in a Rank & Reason.

This means that Rank & Reason can also be used as a voting tool. For example, during a community service unit, students may submit different ideas for giving back to their school or community. These suggestions could be voted on using Rank & Reason. After students rank ideas and provide reasoning based on personal preference, they may use the compare feature to view other student responses and revise their ranking. After the exercise, view all average or student average to determine the highest ranked option, knowing that participants have made thoughtful ranking choices.



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