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The InterestID Browser is a tool designed to connect teachers with lessons based on the interests of their students. With InterestID, students browse through hundreds of interesting topics that NextLesson has developed its content around, indicating whether they like or dislike each topic. As students engage with InterestID, they build an Interest profile. When students join a class, their InterestID data is shared in the teacher's InterestID Report, making lesson recommendations based on student interest.

Access InterestID Browser

  1. Click on the InterestID icon from your NextLesson dashboard.
  2. Click on the green InterestID Browser button (note: teachers are initially taken to the InterestID Report, and students are taken directly to the InterestID Browser).


Using the InterestID Browser

  1. Click the thumbs up for things you like and thumbs down for something you do not like.
  2. Select interest categories from the top of the page to browse specific interests.
  3. Use the Search Interests field to search for a specific interest. 
  4. Narrow results by RatingType, and Subcategory by checking filters on the left.
  5. Remove all filters by clicking the Clear Filters button.
  6. Sort interest results by clicking the Sort By drop-down.

Add An Interest

Let us know what we are missing! Teachers and students can make "interest" suggestions for lesson topics they would like to see. When we see significant interest in a topic, we will design lessons around that topic. To add an interest:

  1. Click +Add an Interest.
  2. Select a Category.
  3. Type your new interest.
  4. Please give it a rating by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down.


Liked interests will be available to view in the self-report view of your InterestID Report.


Need more support or have additional questions about the InterestID Browser? Contact us at

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