Getting Started with InterestID

What is the InterestID

InterestID is a tool designed to connect teachers with lessons based on the interests of their students. Students browse through the hundreds of interesting topics that NextLesson has developed its content around, indicating whether they like or dislike different topics. As students engage with the InterestID browser, they build an interest profile. When students join a class, their interest data is shared via the teacher’s InterestID Report.

How to Use the InterestID

To use InterestID, each student will need a NextLesson account, and must have joined a class in your Class Manager via join code, or synced to a class in your Class Manager via Google Classroom (students synced via Google Classroom will still need to create a NextLesson account). Students should spend 30-45 minutes using the InterestID Browser, indicating their likes and dislikes in order to build their interest profiles. This data will be available in your InterestID Report, which will include lesson recommendations based on top interests in your class. 


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