Grade Interactive Performance Tasks

Before Getting Started

For Performance Tasks that include rubrics (only ELA Performance Tasks at this time), we encourage you to download the rubrics before beginning the grading process. They are available in the Teacher View under Downloads. Alternatively, you can find them with each question in the Submission View.

To Grade by Question

  1. Open the lesson you want to grade
  2. Switch to Submissions View
  3. Click View by Questions on the left
  4. Click on each question number to grade student responses. The answer key will be provided (if available) above the student responses. Double-check that auto-graded questions have been graded accurately. 
  5. When grading a table, click on each cell to grade
  6. Select the green check to mark a response correct or the red x to mark a response incorrect
  7. After grading, click Submissions Overview on the left
  8. Check the box next to the students you wish to return graded lessons to
  9. Click Return Selected Submissions


To View Submissions by Student

  1. Open the lesson you want to grade
  2. Switch to Submissions View
  3. Click View by Students on the left
  4. Select the student you would like to view 
  5. Use the dropdown to switch between viewing All Submissions by that student or a particular timestamped submission
  6. Scroll down to view responses

Once their submissions have been returned, students can review and rework problems they answered incorrectly. Students can submit multiple times, with each new submission appearing timestamped in the teacher submissions view.


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