Account Types: Username or Google

Users may create a NextLesson username and password-based account by signing up with an email address or create an account by logging in through Google. NextLesson has syncing capabilities with Google Classroom. For this reason, users who create accounts through Google should instruct their students to create the same account type. 


Users may set up an account through email, choosing their own credentials, including username and password. This account will not have syncing capabilities with Google Classroom.


Users may sign up for an account through Google. One advantage to signing up this way is to avoid creating another username and password. Instead of entering a separate NextLesson password when logging in, Google users click the log in with Google button to access their NextLesson accounts using their Google login credentials. 

If you want to sync your Google Classroom with NextLesson, sign up with the Google account linked to your Google Classroom and not with a personal Gmail account. 

To use your synced Classrooms with NextLesson, students must sign up for NextLesson with the same Google accounts they use to participate in your Google Classroom. At the time of sign-up, students should select "Sign up with Google" and sign in to their Google accounts when prompted.


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