Changing Account Type

Account Login Types

There are two different NextLesson account login types:

    • Username/Password
    • Google Login (syncs with Google Classroom)

Account Role Types

Signing up as a teacher or student will give you access to different content depending on your selected role. Occasionally users accidentally sign up with the incorrect account role type. 

How can I tell if my student has signed up as a teacher? 

    • The dashboard has an account settings button on the left.
    • Class Manager has +Add a Class button.
    • The account can browse content and Add to cart.
    • The account sees prices on lessons when browsing.
    • The student's name appears under Teachers in your class roster after joining your class

Contact us if you need to make any changes to the account login or role type.


Need more support or have additional questions about changing account types? Contact us at

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