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Performance Tasks
Performance tasks require students to apply standards-based skills in a real-world context using real data or information. These tasks use engaging topics students care about, such as sports, music, books, or movies.

Performance Tasks are designed to be modular so that teachers can use them for a single class period or stretched out across several periods.

ELA Performance Tasks
ELA Performance Tasks focus on one of the three main text types: informative, opinion/argument, and narrative. Students are presented with a model text which they annotate before answering reading questions. They then complete a short writing task and a speaking and listening activity before completing the final extended writing task. The tasks are intended to build student competency but can also be considered to be modular, meaning not all parts of the task need to be completed.
Available for grades 3-12.

Math Performance Tasks 
Math Performance Tasks start with repeated practice of a core skill before moving to a second skill using higher-order questioning and application. Students are then presented with a challenge that is designed to reach Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Level 3 and often requires students to reason and justify using mathematical evidence. Each task ends with a cross-curricular or project extension allowing the tasks to be developed further.
Available for grades 3-12.

K-2 Cross-Curricular Performance Tasks
In the primary grades, our Performance Tasks start with repeated practice of a math skill before integrating a second math skill with a requirement of higher-order thinking. The premise is then extended through speaking and listening and, finally, a composition task.



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