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Rank & Reason
Rank & Reason is a discussion tool designed to challenge students to justify their responses to a driving question and understand that shades of meaning, point of view, and perspective are important to healthy discussion.

Rank & Reason is best when questions have no correct answer, and students must justify their choices with evidence and engage in discussions. Powerful discussion occurs when students rank with a partner and must reach a consensus on their ranking choices.

A selection of curated Rank & Reason lessons are available that are mapped to standards and cover engaging topics. Users can also create original Rank & Reasons.


First, students rank possible answers to a driving question such as: 

Which do you think are the most valuable skills for working in a group?


Then students must provide a defense or reasoning for their ranking:


Finally, students have an opportunity to compare their thinking with their peers:



Check out our blog for real-world Rank & Reason tips for growing your classroom's academic discussion. 

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