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Skill Builders

These are real-world inspired practices that focus on the practice of a key skill. They are designed to allow for students to be self-led over one class period. However, many also include teacher guidance to introduce an instructional element.

Our Real World Skill Builders follow one of several formats

Students answer questions and undertake tasks in a real-world scenario or relating to a real-world topic. The focus is on repeated practice of a skill.
Available in Math grades K-3 and ELA grades K-6.

Choose Your Own Journey
Students answer questions with increasing difficulty focused on a single skill. After each result, they gain a piece of information to help them determine which mystery country they are visiting.
Available in Math grades 6-12.

Crime Scene Decoders - Case Crackers
Students answer questions focused on a skill in order to piece together clues and solve a crime.
Available in Math grades 3-12 and ELA grades 7-12.

Crime Scene Decoders 
Students answer challenging questions built around a traditional unit of content. After solving each crime scene, the student detectives can determine who committed the crime.
Available in Math grades 3-12.

Profile Puzzles
Students answer questions focused on a skill to gather information about an important and influential person.
Available in Math grades 3-12 and coming soon in ELA.

Real World Investigation

Students encounter a single real-world challenge in which they must make a decision or recommendation after analyzing the evidence.
Available in Math grades 3-12.


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