How to Use a Project or Activity

NextLesson Projects and Activities can be accessed online if your teacher has shared one with you. It is important to know that work is not submitted online. Work for projects and activities must be completed and submitted to your teacher in class. 


Projects and Activities are broken into steps. Each step has a green bar with the step number:



After each step, there will be instructions and resources for that step. Resources can be YouTube videos, web links, images, or documents. The step might even include a Rank & Reason!



You can watch videos from within the lesson, but clicking on links, images, or documents will open the attachment in a new tab. 



When you are ready to move on to the next step, check the box next to the next step:


Group Discussion

The Group Discussion feature is a public chat box meant for whole-group discussion. Anything you type here will be visible to all of your classmates, and to your teacher.



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